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What is Crypto Tracking?

Normal asset locates are obtained from the data sent to the "middle men" that process transactions. Banks using blockchain cut out the middle men and as a result, those accounts are missed!

Image by Carlos Muza

If you have not heard of blockchain, you are behind the times. You may not be using it personally, but chances are your bank and brokerage have already implanted blockchain. At least 50% of US banks already use blockchain for processing transactions. Blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions. WE DO NOT LOCATE CRYPTO ACCOUNTS. There are plenty of firms such as Elliptic, Cainalysis, and Skry that locate crypto accounts. WE LOCATE REGULAR BANK ACCOUNTS that utilize storage of digital information and code in blockchain that are impossible to locate with traditional bank locate methods. What can we track and how it is helpful to our clients? We do not track crypto currency; we track the ledger transactions from banks and brokerages using blockchain to identify bank accounts for a specific customer.  Financial institutions that have implemented blockchain use it for settlement and clearing checks. If your current asset location company is not checking the tracking points of the transactions, you will miss accounts held by these financial institutions. It is expected that four out of five banks will be using blockchain by 2024. We are one of the few companies that follow, and compiles distributed ledger chains from blockchain. These are public and private ledgers of data which is time stamped and linked to a previous block. We use the top banking blockchain vendors; Chain, Eris, Intel, and IBM on a continuing basis to build our database daily and we have been building this database since 2014. Give us a call to see how we can help you. 800-761-7545

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