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How We Can Do This and Few Others Can?

Crypto Tracking has stumped almost every asset location company out there. We are one of the few firms that offer Crypto Tracking. The companies that are just now trying to use crypto tracking, are finding it impossible because of the way it has to be tracked. Blockchain tracking is not performed like a normal asset search. To locate accounts at banks using blockchain, you have to collate the data since the first blockchain transaction for that account was performed. Our database is one of the largest in existence on multiple platforms including IBM, Cain, Eris and Intel. We started our transaction ledger in 2014, when banks first started experimenting with blockchain. Banks using blockchain have cut out transactional processors, and as a result, accounts at banks using blockchain are missed.

Image by Kanchanara

Very few companies can offer this, we can!

Why? Because the only way is to start with the required data ledgers from the first block in the chain of the transaction and then follow that chain sequentially. The chain can be easily tracked if you have the beginning transaction of the block. Without the original ledger, you cannot locate accounts. Blockchain technology has already advanced beyond everyone that did not start their ledgers at the beginning of this software platform. If they had this data, they would not be missing accounts. We learned early on that banks were moving towards blockchain for the future of transaction ledgers and began compiling data in 2014. The first banks started using blockchain in 2016. By 2024 four out of five banks will be using blockchain. Blockchains by nature, are easily accessible to track when you hold the entire sequence of the ledgers. Buy you had to have started at the beginning, you cannot begin track in the middle without the original transaction code. No one can track blockchain ledgers used by the banks unless they hold the original ledger transaction, or they know the exact transaction and algorithm used in the transaction. We hold everyone since 2014 and can parse this data quickly and easily.

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